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My mum called him a rogue, but ten years later they are best of friends

Life Realities - March 22, 2021

I need to share this my experience for others to learn, i hope it fits ito your “Life  Reality” column.

I was to board a vehicle going to Ile Ife, then  as a student at Obafemi Awolowo University. As I was entering the park, I saw some guys smoking Indian hemp, five of them as i looked in heir direction mum pulped me forward cautioning “you look too much”. To my surprise, one of them hurriedly came towards me and greeted me. My mum was scared saying , “see/what your look look, run, while I beg him” but i decided to see what he is up to. As he got close, I charged at him,  “why are you following us?” And his mood changed as he replied me,  “baby girl, I like you”.  My mum didn’t expect me to reply him but I replied immediately “God forbid that I be a friend to a drug addict who smoke hemp like you, God forbid!” My mum screamed “Riyike, you won’t kill me with this your sharp tongue.  before   I could say Jack Robinson, the guy went flat on the floor saying “Mama, please allow her to express herself, inside this garage na equal rights we dey operate”. As my mum couldn’t contain her fears, we hurriedly left the place. I entered the vehicle and told my mum to go as I felt safe in the vehicle among other passengers, so she agreed and left. Few moments later, the vehicle was filled up and this guy showed up and turns out to be the one who will drive the vehicle. Fear griped me that a drug addict would drive me to Ile – Ife but I kept my cool as I am not the only one in the vehicle. He later came round to check passengers and saw me. I read the anxiety on his face when he  saw me. He shouted “Queen, you are inside my vehicle? God, I thank you.” He quickly returned my money and begged me to come and sit in front but I declined.

To my surprse, he drove carefully and professionally till we got to Ile Ife park. Every passenger alighted from the vehicle but he begged me to take me to where I am going. I told him that I am a student and that I was going to Ife Campus and he agreed to take me down. He drove me straight to Moremi Hall and counted two thousand naira and handed it over to you. He said, “Take this as your pocket money, I will  check on you every two week, though I come here every two days.” He begged me to give him my number and I reluctantly gave it to him and he left. I did not even remember to ask of his name.

One day, he called when I was in the centre of a discussion with my mates in class. We all needed three thousand naira only for a project, all we could get was five hundred. As his call came in, in a bid to scare him off, I just told him “Wo, I am not in a good mood, I am looking for Three thousand and yet to get a dime.” To my surprise, he told me that he was in Ife and would come with it as soon as possible. We were still discussing when I saw his vehicle came in. “In his characteristic manner, he shouted, “My Queen, come for the money.”  He handed over three thousand to me and additional five hundred which he said is for my pocket money and he left.

I started falling for him and ended up marrying him. It was later that I realized he had National Diploma from kwara poly in public administration but went into driving when he didn’t get white collar job.

I fell for him and he was so close to my heart. After two years of being in relationship with him, I summon courage to tell my mum, to the surprise of her life. She expressed so much disappointment in my sense of reasoning asking what freak me about such a garage boy? It was too late to do otherwise; I married Boyejo against her wish. Ten years had passed, we had three kids, two boys and a girl. I ride in my own car and my mum now live with us. The bad boy of that day is now my mum’s best friend discussing together. My husband is very determined and focused, the society wanted to mar his future, thank God we came across each other.

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