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Meet New Executives Of Fuji Musicians In Kwara


Kwara state chapter of the Fuji Musician Association of Nigeria, FUMAN has elected new executives for the association.

Below are briefs about the new executives of the Association:

The Governor, King Jamiu Ayinde Aloba

He is a versatile Fuji Musician who said he has been in Fuji since 1981. Aloba has produced six records and seven albums prominent among which is “Olopa Nija” a critical music that speak on the conduct of the Nigeria police.

King Jamiu Ayinde Aloba is the newly elected Governor of FUMAN Kwara State and is married with kids.

 Rafiu Adisa 1st Vice Chairman

Tunde Abass Ayinde aka Tunde Commander, the elected  2nd Vice Chairman came into Fuji Music 25 years ago. He is a widely travelled musician who sang around Ilorin and its environs.

He is married with kids and is already a grandfather by grace.

Jimoh Babalola is the newly elected General Secretary of the Association

Babalola is popularly known as MC Pomping or Irawo Fuji.

He started Fuji as a young man sine 2006 when he was in Lagos.

He was an apprentice to Adisa Owala popular Fuji Musician.

He had released “God’s Favour” and “My Glory”

He is also a radio presenter and also sow cloth as an artisan.

Holder of National Certificate of Education, NCE.

Amuda Ajamogba aka Ajamogba is the Treasurer, elected among other contenders.

He started Fuji Music in 1998 and had performed for several prominent personalities and events in Nigeria. He is set to release an album after the coming April 2021 Rahmadan period.

Olagunju Tajudeen aka “Akorin Kofoshi” is the Financial Secretary of the Fuji Musicians Association, FUMAN. He joined Fuji music as a student in 1987.

He successfully did a collaboration album his master to produce “Idile Alayo” and a few other tracks. He is married with kids.

Rasheed Abefe Ajenifuja aka Ajenifuja, the newly elected  Auditor of FUMAN started Fuji music through ‘Ajiwere’ in 1984 while he lived in the north, precisely Kano and Kaduna. He released the album “Destiny” while in the north but had to relocate down south as a result of the tension occasioned by the security lapses, the insurgency. He said he would release the video of “Grace” in a matter of weeks from now.

Abideen Adekunle Amao aka Sir Bidoo is the new FUMAN  PRO 1. He joined Fuji music in 1996 and has tremendous legacies to his credit. His record labels include “Awareness” and “Quality”. Sir Bido said his alias will change to Mr Quality as soon as his remix label of Quality is released.

He has showcased his work in Osun state aside Kwara, his home base.

Akeem Ajadi aka Omo Na Star the PRO 2, came into Fuji music some 20 years ago and had been a hardworking star. He released his first album, “My Nation” on the 6th of January, 2021. His bosses are Remi Aluko and Tope Nautical

He has performed in Lagos, Abidjan and other African countries. He is married with kids.

Alh Usman Okiki, who was elected Provost1 started Fuji music in 1987 with the local Islamic rendition during Rahmadan awareness songs called ‘Ajiwere’. He made presentations before late Ado Bayero in Kano and has several labels to his credit. He is happily married with kids.

11  Wasiu Ayinla Karashi  2nd Provosts

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