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How Roseline Odunola Adebayo Celebrated her 50th Birthday in Grand Style in Ilorin

Birthday Celebration, EVENTS - March 29, 2021

“I was able to achieve 90 percent of the list presented before God at age 18 , 19, 20 years of age, to the glory of God.”

The fanfare and memoirs of the day when ADEBAYO, Roseline Odunola Nee  OLAOYE celebrated her 50th birthday recently in Ilorin remains on the lips of friends, colleagues and associates in her church as well as her members of her vineyard at the Children Church, Living Faith, Gaa Imam, Ilorin. Her gratitude to God centres on the fact that he spared her life to see, her days from childhood till date.

Born in Ora igbomina,  Osun State to the family of Chief  Odofin Joseph Otunola Olaoye and Mrs  Comfort Oladunni Olaoye, the then little Roseline started her primary School Education at St. Michael Primary ( popularly called  Oke Paadi  in those days) between 1975 – 1977. The  lucky friend of all, Odunola as some friends call her was nick named “Erin ko je ki Oko o naa Naa” because she smiles a lot no matter her situation, betraying emotions. She said smiling makes her forget her sorrows and pain, trusting God that all will be well.

At a point in her life, she traveled to Kano with her father’s younger brother who promised to train her by sending me to a good school.

She said “I completed my primary School at Kano. Then my Dad sent a message that I should come back home for free Education in then in Oyo state during the regime of late Governor Bola Ige.”

Her father was strict personality, a no nonsense man which made all the children fear and respect him.

As she was growing up, her plans was that at 50th she would achieve certain feats and luckily, she was able to make her mark.

“I was able to achieve 90 percent of the list presented before God at age 18 , 19, 20 years of age, to the glory of God.”

Today, she is a happily married woman, with a good home, understanding husband and Godly children. She is also grateful to God that among her peers, God placed her in a better position in the society as a woman.

Celebrant as agent of change

She love writing stories, a fan of the Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka as her role model then in secondary School, Loves literature as a subject and did well in it.

 Whatever was achieved was neither by my power nor by my might, but God’s grace make them to possible.

“Those that are yet to be achieved, are part of the list for 50th years ahead of me, man proposes and only God disposes. It was not in my power to make all my plans comes through, but one thing I know is, when God says YES, no man can say NO.”,

Mrs Adebayo also recognizes another factor in development as challenges, like environmental, financial capacity, societal and lot also was a barrier in achieving some of my plans.

But to the glory of God, I am specially favoured. God was so faithful to me in the first 50th years.

Speaking about how she came across her husband Odunola said “I was 20years old when I met my husband, Barrister Isaac Adebayo, I love him with passion,  may be because of his  character, he is full of fun, make me laugh such that there is no dull moment with him. He is a man I always love to be with.”

“We met right in my parents’ house. He came with my father’s friend who happened to be his sister’s husband, on a visit, we saw each other and that was where the story started from.

Planning her next fifty years if God grants the grace, she wishes to own a school as a means to help the poor people around her by granting because she said “education is power.”

She plans visiting the orphanages for support / Donations in the areas of their needs, to write as many story books as she can, saying some are in the pipeline.

She particularly loves to develop her speaking skills as a motivational speaker on marriage, especially to the youths of our generation.

“I am already a human activist, I want to do more by freeing the oppressed in my own  little capacity.

“After my retirement, I also want to be a designer, not a tailor, but just designing cloths for fashion houses. I think I am gifted in that area, I can design for tailors and make their customers smile.”

Finally, she would love to see her children succeed without any struggle / stress, “And on the day of their joy their dad and myself will not be missing, no five minutes silence for us. I pray we both eat the fruit of our labour not in the grave in Jesus mighty name, God help me.”

Her advice to coming generations are in two folds:


She described marriage as an institution which God himself established. “The instructions is complicated (the truth) for is one man food is another man’s poison, but patience is what it takes to have a happy marriage. Never compare your marriage with any because there is nothing like that. Every home you find yourself as an institution is where everyone carry his or her own cross.”

“In any marriage, materiality should not be a priority. Love whom you marry, agree on how to go the journey together right from start of the journey. Share your dreams together and pursue it together. The couple should endeavour to understand each other. Identify your difference, your likes and dislikes. Learn to honour and respect each other views when issues are raised in conversation, not argument. What I mean is discuss, don’t argue. The woman has a role here. Don’t argue with your husband, give advice, not command.

“I want to urge the younger generation never to marry out of pity. Pen down what you want in your spouse and pray along with your vision, and you will see God in action.”

She was optimistic that there are still godly marriages but advise that Godly choice makes for such. “A man chosen with Godly wisdom will act godly as a husband. Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well”

Her advice on career is that  “In every of our career we believe there’s prospect. Choose your career wisely and be focus in whatever God lays to your heart. Taking Jothan in the Bible, he prepared his ways before the Lord and he prosper. The career you choose will determine your level of greatness in life, but how you go about it in God also matters. If you choose correctly, whatever you find your hands doing, do it with passion and you will prosper in it. Never give room to distractions on a chosen career.  My prayers for the coming generation behind is that you won’t miss it in life.”

She said “life has been generally good and that if we are wise to see beyond our nose, we would be there for countless number of people around us who need us at their time of depressions and loneliness. Some people need a shoulder. Be there for them during their their trials periods. The truth is that no man is an Island, we need ourselves somehow, somewhere at a point in time. Do not ignore the cry of people who are in pains. It may not be a big help, but the little help goes a long way.”

Be good to everybody you come across in life, no matter their background, poor or rich. Never look down on anyone.  The one you maltreated today may become someone you also need tomorrow, what goes around comes around. If you don’t meet in the immediate,  your generations to come may be the ones to reap what you sow. Never plant the fruit of bitterness for yet unborn generations, because whatever a man sow, he shall reap, so says the scripture.”

“Please, manage and live to correct people with love, care for the less privileged, there’s a big reward for every act of kindness, shown towards fellow humans, we may not know, but somehow, later,  our good deeds speaks for us at the right time.

The celebrant who sounded philosophical concluded by saying: “Life is short, even if you spend 120 – 200 years, it’s  but a short period, so my advice is, do good and put smiles on faces of the people. Use your God given opportunities in life judiciously, it counts a lot.”

Our celebrant is a woman you will love to chat with anytime, because she is not only homely but welcoming. Mrs. Roseline OdunolaADEBAYO, congratulations as you celebrate your golden jubilee in good health, wellness and in the service of your creator. Wishing you more fruitful years on earth.

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