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Congratulations! Oba Mufutau Oloyede Okikiola Gbadamosi, Olofa of Offa


Alhaji Mufutau Oloyede Okikiola Gbadamosi, is an illustrious son of Offa, an ancient Yoruba town in Kwara State.

An astute and skillful businessman, administrator, visionary and energetic youngman whose patriotic virtue brought to limelight in his community.

Mufutau Gbadamosi is neither the first among his siblings and nor is he the only child of the family but as it is often said, there can be several princes but only the ordained becomes king and Yoruba say “Ori ti yio j’Oba, inu agogo ide nii tii wa” meaning the head that becomes a king emanates from inside a golden gong.

Gbadamosi is a well rooted international businessman, highly connected and a strongwilled go getter.

Late Mustapha Olanipekun, Ariwajoye11 enjoyed great friendship with Alhaji Mufutau Gbadamosi while he too enjoyed good mentorship from the late monarch.

It’s hard to know or suspect that Gbadamosi is a Prince, because he neither mentioned it nor was he so addressed.

He became Oloffa on popular votes and acceptance by Ifa Oracle and earned the love of his people. He was effectively compared and called ‘Dangote’ of Offa because of his tremendous wealth and philanthropy.

His first six years on the throne was greeted by legal issues occasioned by his brother from a rival ruling house but it ended up in an historic judgment that laid to rest all agitations, confusions and misuderstanding of the historic issue surrounding the throne. With that, he became the Ajagungbade1 in the lineage of Offa kingdom haven fought a legal tussle to retain his enthronement as Oloffa of Offa.

Since he became Oloffa of Offa on May 9, 2010, Oba Mufutau Okikiola Oloyede gbadamosi, Ajagungbade1, Esuwoye 11, the town of Offa has known immense development and remarkably last noticed when his forebears, Esuwoye1 was on the throne, several years ago.

Today, Oba Mufutau Gbadamosi clock 58 years old and 11th years on the throne he remains a rally point of all his subjects in developmental efforts towards the dream making Offa well placed in the comity of other towns in Yoruba land.

City Trends Magazine Celebrates Oba Mufutau Okikiola Oloyede Gbadamosi, Ajagungbade1, Esuwoye11 on the throne of his forebears.

Kabiyesi, Congratulations from the board, management and staff of City Trends Magazine and City Trends TV.

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Beauty Queen Says: In 20 years time, I want to own cars, houses, plenty children as a dependable wife.

EVENTS - June 21, 2021

Nineteen year old Miss Mahmmud Titilayo Misturat, a beauty queen is a Mass Communication student of Kwara state polytechnic, ilorin, presently in National Diploma 200 level.

As a Model, she also has time for Acting though still upcoming, wishes that twenty years from now, she would be a dependable wife, enviable daughter and have many children , at least five of them, own houses and fleet of cars. She prays to be wealthy so that she can be a source of help to others especially youths, most of who are helpless in todays society, in need of help.

The Model and Upcoming artist said she loves reading novels and writing.

She loves to put smiles on the faces people.

However, despite being hurt several times, she gets anry only once in a year, if at all she does.

She dislikes being ignored by people around her and hate being lied to.

She is a tender loving soul, humble caring and hardworking.

She loves her parent and though religious, she is not a fanatics.

She is popularly called Jumoke by her friends and people around her.

She is a Social Media Personality and can be reached on Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites.

To her love is life and the cannot be a world without love and there cannot be a world without love.

She believes that despite the challenges associated with being in love, it is all a source of lesson for those who are willing to learn because life challenges are but lessons.

She said, only a fool will make same mistake twice.

Today’s lucky PAGE GIRL, Jumoke is a Model, Artist and a Talented Broadcaster.

She eats only twice a day and her favourite food is Irish Potatoes with egg. She also like eating Chocolates and some unimaginable small chops.

The damsel said that she recreates by engaging in athletics, running.

As a Model, she also has time for Acting though still upcoming, wishes that twenty years from now, she would be a dependable wife, enviable daughter and have many children , at least five of them, own houses and fleet of cars. She prays to be wealthy so that she can be a source of help to others especially youths, most of who are helpless in todays society, in need of help.

She hopes to sign Modeling contract with fashion houses and corporate bodies soon as her specialty.

You can reach the Queen on her GSM and Whatsapp link 08141124539

To be our page girl, call the editor on 08055675958 or whatsapp him.

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Tribute to Temitope Balogun Joshua

EVENTS - June 9, 2021

Joshua Temitope Balogun, born 12 June 1963 was a Nigerian charismatic pastor, televangelist, and philanthropist. He was the leader and founder of Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN), a Christian megachurch owners of  Emmanuel TV television station, Lagos.

TB Joshua as he is widely called and known across Africa and Latin America and had a large social media presence with 3,000,000 fans on Facebook  His Youtube channel, Emmanuel TV, had over 1,000,000 subscribers and was the most-viewed Christian ministry on the platform before the channel was suspended by YouTube in 2021 for alleged homophobic hate speech. Joshua was described by media outlets as the “Oprah of Evangelism” and “YouTube’s most popular pastor”

Joshua won several awards of recognition, local and national various accolades, notably receiving the Officer of the Order of the Federal Republic (OFR) by the Nigerian government in 2008 and being voted the Yoruba man of the decade by Pan-Yoruba media outlet Irohin-Odua. He was called one of Africa’s 50 most influential people by Pan-African magazines The Africa Report and New African Magazine.

In 2011 the Forbes magazine rated TB Joshua as Nigeria’s third-richest pastor though the claim was immediately denied in a statement by the church. He was a controversial figure, and was officially blacklisted by the government of Cameroon in 2010.

T B Joshua died on Saturday  5 June 2021, few days to his 58th birthday.

It is wailing and tears at the Synagogue church as those whose life had been torched shed tears in unbelief, grief and hopelessness at the news of the great servant of God.

City Trends family, condoles with all aggrieved persons. May his soul rest in the peace of the Lord his maker.

Adieu, Prophet T B Joshua..

He lived among us yet unknown to many, hated by many, joyfully loved by many.

May his soul rest in the perfect peace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Emanuel…. God with us.

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How Roseline Odunola Adebayo Celebrated her 50th Birthday in Grand Style in Ilorin

Birthday Celebration, EVENTS - March 29, 2021

“I was able to achieve 90 percent of the list presented before God at age 18 , 19, 20 years of age, to the glory of God.”

The fanfare and memoirs of the day when ADEBAYO, Roseline Odunola Nee  OLAOYE celebrated her 50th birthday recently in Ilorin remains on the lips of friends, colleagues and associates in her church as well as her members of her vineyard at the Children Church, Living Faith, Gaa Imam, Ilorin. Her gratitude to God centres on the fact that he spared her life to see, her days from childhood till date.

Born in Ora igbomina,  Osun State to the family of Chief  Odofin Joseph Otunola Olaoye and Mrs  Comfort Oladunni Olaoye, the then little Roseline started her primary School Education at St. Michael Primary ( popularly called  Oke Paadi  in those days) between 1975 – 1977. The  lucky friend of all, Odunola as some friends call her was nick named “Erin ko je ki Oko o naa Naa” because she smiles a lot no matter her situation, betraying emotions. She said smiling makes her forget her sorrows and pain, trusting God that all will be well.

At a point in her life, she traveled to Kano with her father’s younger brother who promised to train her by sending me to a good school.

She said “I completed my primary School at Kano. Then my Dad sent a message that I should come back home for free Education in then in Oyo state during the regime of late Governor Bola Ige.”

Her father was strict personality, a no nonsense man which made all the children fear and respect him.

As she was growing up, her plans was that at 50th she would achieve certain feats and luckily, she was able to make her mark.

“I was able to achieve 90 percent of the list presented before God at age 18 , 19, 20 years of age, to the glory of God.”

Today, she is a happily married woman, with a good home, understanding husband and Godly children. She is also grateful to God that among her peers, God placed her in a better position in the society as a woman.

Celebrant as agent of change

She love writing stories, a fan of the Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka as her role model then in secondary School, Loves literature as a subject and did well in it.

 Whatever was achieved was neither by my power nor by my might, but God’s grace make them to possible.

“Those that are yet to be achieved, are part of the list for 50th years ahead of me, man proposes and only God disposes. It was not in my power to make all my plans comes through, but one thing I know is, when God says YES, no man can say NO.”,

Mrs Adebayo also recognizes another factor in development as challenges, like environmental, financial capacity, societal and lot also was a barrier in achieving some of my plans.

But to the glory of God, I am specially favoured. God was so faithful to me in the first 50th years.

Speaking about how she came across her husband Odunola said “I was 20years old when I met my husband, Barrister Isaac Adebayo, I love him with passion,  may be because of his  character, he is full of fun, make me laugh such that there is no dull moment with him. He is a man I always love to be with.”

“We met right in my parents’ house. He came with my father’s friend who happened to be his sister’s husband, on a visit, we saw each other and that was where the story started from.

Planning her next fifty years if God grants the grace, she wishes to own a school as a means to help the poor people around her by granting because she said “education is power.”

She plans visiting the orphanages for support / Donations in the areas of their needs, to write as many story books as she can, saying some are in the pipeline.

She particularly loves to develop her speaking skills as a motivational speaker on marriage, especially to the youths of our generation.

“I am already a human activist, I want to do more by freeing the oppressed in my own  little capacity.

“After my retirement, I also want to be a designer, not a tailor, but just designing cloths for fashion houses. I think I am gifted in that area, I can design for tailors and make their customers smile.”

Finally, she would love to see her children succeed without any struggle / stress, “And on the day of their joy their dad and myself will not be missing, no five minutes silence for us. I pray we both eat the fruit of our labour not in the grave in Jesus mighty name, God help me.”

Her advice to coming generations are in two folds:


She described marriage as an institution which God himself established. “The instructions is complicated (the truth) for is one man food is another man’s poison, but patience is what it takes to have a happy marriage. Never compare your marriage with any because there is nothing like that. Every home you find yourself as an institution is where everyone carry his or her own cross.”

“In any marriage, materiality should not be a priority. Love whom you marry, agree on how to go the journey together right from start of the journey. Share your dreams together and pursue it together. The couple should endeavour to understand each other. Identify your difference, your likes and dislikes. Learn to honour and respect each other views when issues are raised in conversation, not argument. What I mean is discuss, don’t argue. The woman has a role here. Don’t argue with your husband, give advice, not command.

“I want to urge the younger generation never to marry out of pity. Pen down what you want in your spouse and pray along with your vision, and you will see God in action.”

She was optimistic that there are still godly marriages but advise that Godly choice makes for such. “A man chosen with Godly wisdom will act godly as a husband. Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well”

Her advice on career is that  “In every of our career we believe there’s prospect. Choose your career wisely and be focus in whatever God lays to your heart. Taking Jothan in the Bible, he prepared his ways before the Lord and he prosper. The career you choose will determine your level of greatness in life, but how you go about it in God also matters. If you choose correctly, whatever you find your hands doing, do it with passion and you will prosper in it. Never give room to distractions on a chosen career.  My prayers for the coming generation behind is that you won’t miss it in life.”

She said “life has been generally good and that if we are wise to see beyond our nose, we would be there for countless number of people around us who need us at their time of depressions and loneliness. Some people need a shoulder. Be there for them during their their trials periods. The truth is that no man is an Island, we need ourselves somehow, somewhere at a point in time. Do not ignore the cry of people who are in pains. It may not be a big help, but the little help goes a long way.”

Be good to everybody you come across in life, no matter their background, poor or rich. Never look down on anyone.  The one you maltreated today may become someone you also need tomorrow, what goes around comes around. If you don’t meet in the immediate,  your generations to come may be the ones to reap what you sow. Never plant the fruit of bitterness for yet unborn generations, because whatever a man sow, he shall reap, so says the scripture.”

“Please, manage and live to correct people with love, care for the less privileged, there’s a big reward for every act of kindness, shown towards fellow humans, we may not know, but somehow, later,  our good deeds speaks for us at the right time.

The celebrant who sounded philosophical concluded by saying: “Life is short, even if you spend 120 – 200 years, it’s  but a short period, so my advice is, do good and put smiles on faces of the people. Use your God given opportunities in life judiciously, it counts a lot.”

Our celebrant is a woman you will love to chat with anytime, because she is not only homely but welcoming. Mrs. Roseline OdunolaADEBAYO, congratulations as you celebrate your golden jubilee in good health, wellness and in the service of your creator. Wishing you more fruitful years on earth.

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Meet New Executives Of Fuji Musicians In Kwara


Kwara state chapter of the Fuji Musician Association of Nigeria, FUMAN has elected new executives for the association.

Below are briefs about the new executives of the Association:

The Governor, King Jamiu Ayinde Aloba

He is a versatile Fuji Musician who said he has been in Fuji since 1981. Aloba has produced six records and seven albums prominent among which is “Olopa Nija” a critical music that speak on the conduct of the Nigeria police.

King Jamiu Ayinde Aloba is the newly elected Governor of FUMAN Kwara State and is married with kids.

 Rafiu Adisa 1st Vice Chairman

Tunde Abass Ayinde aka Tunde Commander, the elected  2nd Vice Chairman came into Fuji Music 25 years ago. He is a widely travelled musician who sang around Ilorin and its environs.

He is married with kids and is already a grandfather by grace.

Jimoh Babalola is the newly elected General Secretary of the Association

Babalola is popularly known as MC Pomping or Irawo Fuji.

He started Fuji as a young man sine 2006 when he was in Lagos.

He was an apprentice to Adisa Owala popular Fuji Musician.

He had released “God’s Favour” and “My Glory”

He is also a radio presenter and also sow cloth as an artisan.

Holder of National Certificate of Education, NCE.

Amuda Ajamogba aka Ajamogba is the Treasurer, elected among other contenders.

He started Fuji Music in 1998 and had performed for several prominent personalities and events in Nigeria. He is set to release an album after the coming April 2021 Rahmadan period.

Olagunju Tajudeen aka “Akorin Kofoshi” is the Financial Secretary of the Fuji Musicians Association, FUMAN. He joined Fuji music as a student in 1987.

He successfully did a collaboration album his master to produce “Idile Alayo” and a few other tracks. He is married with kids.

Rasheed Abefe Ajenifuja aka Ajenifuja, the newly elected  Auditor of FUMAN started Fuji music through ‘Ajiwere’ in 1984 while he lived in the north, precisely Kano and Kaduna. He released the album “Destiny” while in the north but had to relocate down south as a result of the tension occasioned by the security lapses, the insurgency. He said he would release the video of “Grace” in a matter of weeks from now.

Abideen Adekunle Amao aka Sir Bidoo is the new FUMAN  PRO 1. He joined Fuji music in 1996 and has tremendous legacies to his credit. His record labels include “Awareness” and “Quality”. Sir Bido said his alias will change to Mr Quality as soon as his remix label of Quality is released.

He has showcased his work in Osun state aside Kwara, his home base.

Akeem Ajadi aka Omo Na Star the PRO 2, came into Fuji music some 20 years ago and had been a hardworking star. He released his first album, “My Nation” on the 6th of January, 2021. His bosses are Remi Aluko and Tope Nautical

He has performed in Lagos, Abidjan and other African countries. He is married with kids.

Alh Usman Okiki, who was elected Provost1 started Fuji music in 1987 with the local Islamic rendition during Rahmadan awareness songs called ‘Ajiwere’. He made presentations before late Ado Bayero in Kano and has several labels to his credit. He is happily married with kids.

11  Wasiu Ayinla Karashi  2nd Provosts

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What people said about Valentine

EVENTS - February 16, 2021

See Video of what happened on February 14, 2021 at SHOPRITE and other locations.

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Valentine Day 2021 Celebration, Be a Part

EVENTS - February 11, 2021

City Trends Magazine want to enroll your family for Valentine placement in City Trends on 14th February, 2021. Just a token of #2000 per family. Log onto to view the magz. For further enquiries call the Editor or chat on 08055675958. Its an opportunity to catch fun with us.
All that we need from you are pictures of how you celebrated VAL, at least 5 pixes, which must include a family group pix. When we receive this, the Editor would chat you on your experience at VAL then you will pay #2000 to the company account. That entitles you to be showcased in City Trends Magazine VAL day capture round Nigeria. It’s a special dedication for families.
We also have spaces for product adverts.The advert wi ll last just a week on the site before being removed unless the advert owner negotiate longer period. Advert placement depends on size and location. Chat Editor on 08055675958 for placement. Thanks

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How ‘Awuf’ Run My Belle

EVENTS, Life Realities - February 8, 2021

Tolu Oyetoki

Bimbo, my bosom friend had often told me about his new guy, Philip and how the guys spoil her silly whenever he took her out.

On this fateful day, she got a call again from Philip who asked her to come to his house, somewhere at the outskirt of Ilorin, after Kufena close, GRA, Kaduna.

Bimbo and I agreed to go together so that in case he wants to make any request for sex, my presence will hinder it. Aside that I also look forward to my own ‘awuf’ which Bimbo had enjoyed all alone.

It was almost thirty minutes on Okada after the Chellarams round about and we had to call Philip to further describe his place. At a point, Bimbo got angry and asked that we go back home but my long throat made me encourage her to let us make the journey. After meandering for a while, we got to the house and we saw this handsome guy, waiting to receive us.

He beamed with smiles as we walked into the main house. I was carried away by the serene environment and the lavished interiors and electronic. He asked us to cook ‘concoction’ rice for him but I insisted on cooking white rice and fried the stew with assorted meat and other ingredients.

We were eating, when a knock landed on the door, it was so hard that we heard it despite the loud music in the sitting room. Philip too could not imagine who it was, he lowered the music and asked “Who is it?” and the response came, “Sea Lords are here.”

Philips mood changed and he hurriedly told Bimbo to run into a room on his left and me to hide under the dining table. I was scared to marrow and asked him if they are thieves but he told me to leave questioning till after they are gone.

I was peeping from under the table and I saw three guys walk in and Philip raised his hand up in cultists manner of greeting. I saw the Capon walk majestically and sat on the three seater directly opposite where I was hiding. Our eyes were four and he pointed a gun at Philip, “Who is there spying on me from under the table?”

Philip quickly replied, “My Queens friend on a visit”, please spare her.” “Come out here”, he ordered me, and I slowly came out like a fish drawn from inside water. He looked at me and said, “Identify yourself!” and I did. I told him my name and he said “Good, you will serve me, I want to taste the sweetness of your honey.” He stretched forward his hand and wanted to torch my breast and I angrily slapped his hand off me. One of his guards gave me a dazzling slap from the back. “Who do you think you are, you want to die cheap?” The capon raised his hand cautioning the guy, saying “She has the gold, let her place value on it, but no matter what, I will taste it. Philip tried to plead, “Boss, she is a ‘lilly pikin’ please, I will give you another chik” but I saw fire on the Capon’s eyes as he said “who you be to drag meat off a Lion’s teeth? Be careful.”

This guy dragged me with my long African braid and he entered into the room by the left, I think, Philip’s elder brother’s room. The Capon hurriedly pulled off my dress not caring if they get torn. He acted like a wild cat. In no time, he became naked and I saw the magnificent interior under him and I freeze. He has no time for fund play like my boy friend does. He hurriedly did me and though its painful, fear could not allow me do other than comply. Few seconds later, he rose up and told me “Philip will give you further instructions but mind you, what you see here, experienced her, went through here, ends here. You tell anyone, you will pay dearly.”

He and his boys left Philips house and I began to cry. I could not even finish my food as I told Bimbo to let us go home. “Awuf’ don run my belle o”

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How Sheriff Weds Nana In Lagos & Ilorin from October 10th – 17th 2020.

EVENTS, Wedding Ceremony - January 12, 2021

It was a glamorous events as the Special Assistant on Media to the Speaker, Kwara state House of Assembly  –  Comr. Ibrahim Sheriff tied the nuptial knot with his noble and beautiful bride – Akinlabi Nana – Awawu.

The event which took place in Lagos and Ilorin as tradition dictates was held between October 10th – 17th 2020.

The couple while sharing their feelings on their big day expressed joy and optimism about formalizing their love journey, saying it has been great moments being with each other over the years of their courtship.

Narrating their love story, Sheriff said he met his bride as a Masters student at the Kwara state University and a Research consultant in 2018, Nana was an undergraduate at English Language at the same University and referred to him for data analysis by her course mate who was Sheriff’s client. Unfortunately, because of Sheriff’s political engagements, he turned down Nana’s job but offered to render probono advisory service to guide Nana in the course of research data analysis.

Little did the love birds knew they’d become life advisors to each other. As fate would have it, they started dating after Nana’s graduation at the University later 2018 and became great friends. Two years down the line, the two awesome being are married to the admiration of all.

As English Language and Literary Studies graduate at the Kwara state University, Nana did her one year compulsory service at Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta (FUNAAB) FM radio station and after her service year, joined Sobi 101.9 FM as a broadcaster and program presenter. Since her undergraduate days, she’s been popular for her Cake and confectioneries business (Nana’s Pastry and Bakery) and she still runs the business till date.

The groom on the other hand is a graduate of Finance, a research and business development expert, media strategist, writer and political activist. He has worked privately and with reputable business consultancy and Public Relations firms in Kwara state such as YBCV Limited and Fresh Insight Communications. He currently serve as the Spokesperson to the Speaker of Kwara statep, Rt. Hon. Yakubu Danladi Salihu.

The wedding ceremony which took place in Lagos and Ilorin, Kwara state witnessed the presence of important personalities such as the Governor of Kwara state – Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, the Speaker, Kwara state House of Assembly – Rt. Hon. Yakubu Danladi Salihu, Chairman BoT, Sobi 101.9FM – Mal. Lukman Olayiwola Mustapha, members of Kwara state House of Assembly, notable Kwara state cabinet members and political stalwarts across political divides in the State.

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EVENTS - May 20, 2020

It’s no secret that the digital industry is booming. From exciting startups to global brands, companies are reaching out to digital agencies, responding to the new possibilities available. However, the industry is fast becoming overcrowded, heaving with agencies offering similar services — on the surface, at least. Producing creative, fresh projects is the key to standing out. Unique side projects are the best place to innovate, but balancing commercially and creatively lucrative work is tricky. So, this article looks at …

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