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THE PAGE GIRL - January 31, 2021

Zainab Opeyemi Bolanle


She is a perfect combination of beautiful and composure, a libra with a heart of gold.

She is very conscious and cautious of what she does because she doesn’t like fighting or hurt anyone.

A caring personality who had suffered lot of disappointments, both in love life and business.

Presently she is not into any relationship.

She loves to be and is a big time entrepreneur, despite past trials

She loves eating egg & plantain

Her greatest ambition is to become a successful business tycoon whose best outfit is self Confidence.

Zainab Opeyemi Bolanle has this to say about love and relationship:

I will soon write a voluminous book on love, because to her “Love is pain”

She said “Relationship is sweet when you are with the right partner who values you

She said, “I become a woman at a very tender age”, a girl with lot of responsibility

Raised from a polygamous home. She is 11th in the family but my first born of her mother

Born October 09 as a Libra Zodiac sign

Her believe about love is simply put as:

“True love don’t need condition to exist

True love will never ask you to lie about your self

It accept you for who you are,

It sees the inside of you, your essence more that your external personality

True love is synonymous with freedom

If you are not free in your relationship

When you are flying free in a limitless sky

Then you will know love.”

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