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How Fatimah Asabe Jiya shook Ilorin with ‘DABE YI BAZA’ cultural Programme in ilorin

SOCIETY - January 13, 2021

‘DABE YI BAZA’ ,an initiative initiated by Fatimah Asabe Jiya to promote the culture, tradition and heritages of Nupe Land (KinNupe) had its maiden celebration in ilorin garnished with an annual lecture in grand style with notable personalities and royal fathers  from the Nupe land gracing the occasion.

Fatimah Jiya the convener said that for the past two years, the programme recorded tremendous achievements in the areas of promotion of Nupe culture through its Radio Programme session at Albarka FM (89.9) and the online TV but unfortunately, in the first quarter of the year 2020, global pandemic ”Coronavirus” affected the episodes and other activities like it did for every organization.

She added that the platform was able to source funds to support Nupe people  who were affected one way or the other as a result of the pandemic (during the lockdown) with relief packages to cushion the effect of the pandemic on their lives.

The convener also said that her organization produced face mask for distribution to support the government’s effort in flattening the curve of the coronavirus cases in Nupe land with the support of some the well to do in Nupe land.

Jiya said that she observed that poverty bedevils her kith and kin in Nupe land which motivated her pert programme to initiate a scholarship scheme for upcoming youths.

“ We observed that in KinNupe some of our major problems are high dependence, poverty, lack of education amongst others. It is on this note that the Dabe Yi Baza conceived the idea of the ”scholarship scheme” which is to support the poor and vulnerable individuals to unlock the potential skills among the teeming youths to enable them  use whatever skills and knowledge acquired towards the growth and development of KinNupe. We also seek partnership and support in this regard.

“ All these could not have been possible without the strong support of some of you here. You have been part of the success story of the Dabe Yi Baza episodes. And we assure you, by the grace of God, we will not fail you.

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