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How ‘Awuf’ Run My Belle

EVENTS, Life Realities - February 8, 2021

Tolu Oyetoki

Bimbo, my bosom friend had often told me about his new guy, Philip and how the guys spoil her silly whenever he took her out.

On this fateful day, she got a call again from Philip who asked her to come to his house, somewhere at the outskirt of Ilorin, after Kufena close, GRA, Kaduna.

Bimbo and I agreed to go together so that in case he wants to make any request for sex, my presence will hinder it. Aside that I also look forward to my own ‘awuf’ which Bimbo had enjoyed all alone.

It was almost thirty minutes on Okada after the Chellarams round about and we had to call Philip to further describe his place. At a point, Bimbo got angry and asked that we go back home but my long throat made me encourage her to let us make the journey. After meandering for a while, we got to the house and we saw this handsome guy, waiting to receive us.

He beamed with smiles as we walked into the main house. I was carried away by the serene environment and the lavished interiors and electronic. He asked us to cook ‘concoction’ rice for him but I insisted on cooking white rice and fried the stew with assorted meat and other ingredients.

We were eating, when a knock landed on the door, it was so hard that we heard it despite the loud music in the sitting room. Philip too could not imagine who it was, he lowered the music and asked “Who is it?” and the response came, “Sea Lords are here.”

Philips mood changed and he hurriedly told Bimbo to run into a room on his left and me to hide under the dining table. I was scared to marrow and asked him if they are thieves but he told me to leave questioning till after they are gone.

I was peeping from under the table and I saw three guys walk in and Philip raised his hand up in cultists manner of greeting. I saw the Capon walk majestically and sat on the three seater directly opposite where I was hiding. Our eyes were four and he pointed a gun at Philip, “Who is there spying on me from under the table?”

Philip quickly replied, “My Queens friend on a visit”, please spare her.” “Come out here”, he ordered me, and I slowly came out like a fish drawn from inside water. He looked at me and said, “Identify yourself!” and I did. I told him my name and he said “Good, you will serve me, I want to taste the sweetness of your honey.” He stretched forward his hand and wanted to torch my breast and I angrily slapped his hand off me. One of his guards gave me a dazzling slap from the back. “Who do you think you are, you want to die cheap?” The capon raised his hand cautioning the guy, saying “She has the gold, let her place value on it, but no matter what, I will taste it. Philip tried to plead, “Boss, she is a ‘lilly pikin’ please, I will give you another chik” but I saw fire on the Capon’s eyes as he said “who you be to drag meat off a Lion’s teeth? Be careful.”

This guy dragged me with my long African braid and he entered into the room by the left, I think, Philip’s elder brother’s room. The Capon hurriedly pulled off my dress not caring if they get torn. He acted like a wild cat. In no time, he became naked and I saw the magnificent interior under him and I freeze. He has no time for fund play like my boy friend does. He hurriedly did me and though its painful, fear could not allow me do other than comply. Few seconds later, he rose up and told me “Philip will give you further instructions but mind you, what you see here, experienced her, went through here, ends here. You tell anyone, you will pay dearly.”

He and his boys left Philips house and I began to cry. I could not even finish my food as I told Bimbo to let us go home. “Awuf’ don run my belle o”

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