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How Ruqoyah Ajike Okeniyi celebrated her 10th Birthday in grand style in Ilorin

Birthday Celebration - January 11, 2021

Saturday 9th January every year is a day, special in the family of Mr and Mrs Okeniyi, parents of Queen Ruqoyah Ajike Okeniyi.

The January 9th, year 2021 came as a special day different from other days because it is her tenth birthday.

Ruqoyah said that she is very happ and excited on her celebration and said a big thank you to her parents for sponsoring the event despite the state of the nation’s economy.

Ruqoyah, our future Medical Doctor who said: “I love colour Green, because it always looks beautiful and bright to me,” thanks all her friend, well wishers and neighbours for gracing the occasion saying “I love you all.”

Expressing her heartfelt wishes, Ajike said: “I pray that God would continue to guide me, protect me and my parents and every one around us and grant me supernatural intelligence so that I will become a world renown Medical Doctor.”

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